About Me

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  My name is Scott and I am a 30 year old EASA PPL / FAA PPL / IR(R) / Night Rating licensee with 210+ hours flight time logged and am currently studying for my ATPL exams.  I live in Leicestershire and I love flying!

As a bit of background information, I first became interested in Aviation when I was around 5 years old after my Grandad took me and my two brothers to Duxford Imperial War Museum for the day.  I remember looking up at the Lancaster Bomber and telling him “I’m going to be a Pilot one day!”

So, as I was only 5 years old I had to wait quite a few years, therefore as I got older I worked my way through the Cubs, then on to Scouts, then once I turned 13, I joined the Air Training Corps.  It was with the Air Cadets that I got my first experience flying in a light aircraft and I loved every second! – On my 20th Birthday I became staff and still remain an Adult Volunteer.

For my 15th Birthday I was bought a trial lesson at Tatenhill Airfield (EGBM).  After the 1 hour flight the urge to fly had increased tenfold and so began my PPL training!  As I was only 15, I could only earn money from my paper-round, so could only afford a lesson once per month (I did receive some financial help from my Grandparents after that), however, I was taught by two excellent instructors (Vince and later, Craig) who got me to solo standard in a little over 8 hours.  I then went on to complete my PPL training in the 45 hours minimum time, aged 18.

Some time after gaining my PPL, I flew to Duxford for a day out with some other flying friends and as I looked up at the same Lancaster Bomber, I remember thinking to myself “See Grandad, I told you i’d become a Pilot!”  I never realised as a 5 year old boy that 13 years later I would come full-circle.

As well as flying various club aircraft or ferrying privately-owned aircraft, I also had a share in a Cessna FRA150M (Aerobat), to help me build my hours and experience, which I thought was a fun little aeroplane to fly.

As aviation is a real passion for me, I have always tried to stay employed within the industry.  I have previously worked at Tatenhill Airfield, first as Weekend Fire Cover then moving on to working in the Hangar maintaining aircraft, as an apprentice.  Following that, I went to work for a large Ground Handling company at Birmingham Airport on the ramp as a Baggage Agent before being offered the role of a Turnaround Coordinator (TCO – Dispatcher).  I was trained to use the various pieces of Ground Support Equipment (GSE), taught aircraft marshalling, was pushback headset trained and also pushback driver and tow trained.  As a TCO, I was taught how to work out Mass & Balance calculations for mixed Passenger and Cargo Operations as well as producing loadsheets – both manual and electronic.

My working background is mostly Aviation having worked as a Ramp Agent and then a Turnaround Coordinator (Dispatcher) for a Ground Handling Agent based at BHX, then moved to work for a Specialist Aviation Company based at EMA in Flight Ops and then as the Ramp Manager, operating a fleet of Twin-engine Cessna and Beechcraft King Air aircraft for Aerial Surveillance, Coastguard/Border Force, Scheduled Cargo, Ad-Hoc Cargo and Passenger Charter work.  Until very recently, I worked as a Ground Operations Trainer for a UK airline based at EMA, but due to the effects of COVID-19 on the industry, I was furloughed in April and subsequently made redundant.  I secured a new position in October as the Ground Handling Manager for one of the UK’s leading business aviation airports and meant relocating nearly 100 miles from ‘home’.  As the Aviation Industry started to slowly recover, I was able to relocate back ‘home’ to the Midlands and was employed as Ramp Supervisor with a Global Logistics company, however I joined a large Ground Handling agent as an Airport Team Manager In November, based at BHX and EMA.  Most of my personal flying is from Tatenhill Airfield, so it’s ideal!

I am honest and trustworthy, which I hope you’ll see from the fact that all of my flying qualifications and hours are published on this website rather than hidden.  I do not want to mis-lead you in any way; I am a PPL holder and I can’t charge to ferry your aircraft.  I do have a written statement from the CAA regarding PPL Ferry Operations and it is perfectly legal provided I do not make a profit from the flight – I just ask that you cover my expenses as laid out in my Terms & Conditions.

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