I offer professional and efficient SEP aircraft ferry services throughout the UK and Europe. Hiring myself to ferry your aircraft is very cost effective, as I currently only hold a PPL so therefore, I can’t charge for my services.

I have spoken to the CAA on several occasions regarding Ferrying Aircraft on a PPL and have been advised that it is perfectly legal providing I do not accept payment, which I do not expect anyway.

I have clocked up a little over 200 hours TT and around 145 hours P1 on a number of different aircraft types. Within that time I have gained my IR(R) Rating, Night Rating and have also completed the Complex Aircraft conversion. I currently hold a Class 1 Medical and I have completed all elements of my training in minimum time.

I am currently studying for my ATPL Ground School (Distance Learning) with Cat3C at Gloucester Airport and it is my ambition to progress my training in order to gain my CPL/MEIR.

Previous SEP aircraft types I have flown include:

Cessna 150, 152, 172 and 182
Piper PA16, PA28-140, PA28-151, PA28-161, PA28-181, PA24-250* (Comanche), PA28R (Arrow III), PA28R (Arrow IV) and PA32-301 (Saratoga)
Robin DR400
Bellanca Decathlon
Cirrus SR20
Diamond DA40
Grumman AA5 (Traveller)
Grob 109B (Vigilant), 115A, 115B and 115E (Tutor)

*This aircraft is fitted with a Bendix King KFD840 Glass Display, Avidyne IFD 540 Nav/Comm/GPS inc TCAS and an S-TEC 55X 2-Axis Autopilot.

I am offering myself as a Ferry Pilot to build my overall flying experience and to hopefully help make me a better Pilot.  I’m not just doing this to build hours, I have a genuine interest in ferry flying and actually flying various aeroplanes hands on, rather than controlling them via an Autopilot.

As well as offering myself as a Ferry Pilot, I am also happy to fly in the right-hand seat as a Safety Pilot; a second pair of hands, eyes and ears to make the flight(s) more manageable if you wish to ferry your own aircraft.

If you like what you’re reading and you have an aircraft you would like to me ferry for you, please take look at my Terms & Conditions first before getting in touch, as although I, personally do not and cannot charge for any ferry services, I do ask that my expenses are covered so i’m not left out of pocket.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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