Terms & Conditions

I always try to offer a professional, cost-effective and efficient service. Therefore, you can relax knowing that whilst your aircraft is in my care, it will be will looked after as if it were my own and all flights will be conducted as if I were paying out of my own pocket.  As always, the safety and security of myself and your aircraft comes first!

In order for me to provide this service, there must be some ‘ground rules’ in place. As I only currently hold a PPL, I cannot charge for any flights, therefore:

1.)     In return for me relocating your aircraft, I ask that you cover the flight related expenses such as, but not limited to:

  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • Maintenance / Repair
  • Landing Fees
  • Parking Fees (If necessary)
  • Navigation Fees (If necessary)
  • Approach Fees (If necessary)
  • Other Airport Fees (If necessary)
  • Other Flight-related costs
  • Travel costs to departure airfield (Flight, Train or Fuel for my car)
  • Return Train / Flight home (Or back to the departure airfield if I drove there)
  • Including me on the Aircraft’s Insurance for the duration of the ferry.

I am happy to pay for my own food & drink, UK & European Flight Charts and anything else I would need personally to complete the flight(s).

2.)     All predicted flight costings will be worked out prior to the movement of your aircraft and a copy of my flight plan will be made available for you to view. Once agreed, please pay me 50% of my total expenses plus the total predicted flight costs prior to the planned departure date and the remaining 50% of my expenses on arrival at the delivery airport. All payments are to be made in £ Sterling via direct Bank Transfer or Cash.

3.)     If, on arrival at the departure airport, the weather has deteriorated to the point where it would be unsafe to conduct the flight, you agree to meet any accommodation or return travel costs until such time that the weather is suitable to begin the ferry flight.
*NB, I don’t expect 5* accommodation. A room with a bed and basic facilities is fine!*

4.)     Should the ferry be of sufficient distance, requiring me to spend the night or multiple nights away from home, you agree to pay my Hotel or B&B accommodation costs. Should the weather then deteriorate preventing the continuation of the flight, you agree to pay any further accommodation costs until such time that suitable weather allows me to continue.

5.)     You agree to absolve me from any damages sustained to your aircraft caused by events that are not within my direct control, such as ground crew, other aircraft / vehicles / objects colliding with the aircraft, Acts of Nature (such as Bird Strikes, Hail, High winds, Debris, Lightning, Flooding etc.) and improper maintenance performed on the aircraft prior to and during the duration of the flight(s).

6.)     You acknowledge that the following documents are present in the aircraft: A valid licence for the radio that is installed, A valid Certificate of Airworthiness, the Certificate of Registration, and particularly for international flights, a copy of the notified procedures to be followed by the Pilot In Command of an intercepted aircraft, and the notified visual signals for use by intercepting and intercepted aircraft.  This is in accordance with CAP393 – Schedule 10 – (Page 246).

7.)     If/when I am asked to ferry an aircraft, I will only do so with a signed contract in place. This is to ensure we are both covered legally and to confirm you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

I’m sure the last thing you’d want is for your aircraft to end up grounded somewhere for not having the correct paperwork or to end up as a smoking hole in the ground because it wasn’t fit to fly…

I appreciate the above Terms & Conditions may sound a bit serious, but to put the above in to 
an example (Based on a PA28):

  • Coventry Airport – Southampton Airport (Approx 1 hour total) = £120
  • Petrol expenses from Atherstone to Coventry Airport and back again (@ 50p per mile) £25
  • Train ticket from Southampton to Coventry (Plus Bus / Taxi to the Airport) = £45

As you can see, the total cost, including my expenses, would be £190.

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